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But, here’s the thing… at this point, everybody plus their brother and uncle all claim they’re audio-visual broadcasting, production, and media specialists of some kind. And maybe they are. But they probably CAN’T say their audio/video expertise and services stem from 30 years of hard-earned experience, completed projects, and proven practice. Nor can they provide a long list of clientele, some spanning decades, who don’t trust their events to anyone else. Or, maybe you wonder if they promise a highly-skilled crew at the ready for any and every media production service need. The seasoned team at Final Focus Productions brings you all these things and oh so much more!

Final Focus Porductions offers a sesoned event team specializing in audio, video, and tech management

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FInal Focus Productions

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Learning and Improving, Practicing and Fine-Tuning, for Years Upon Years

Final Focus Productions continues to hone our knowledge and services to meet the needs of our clients in today’s high-tech business environment. As such, it’s imperative to continue to grow our skills and know-how, bringing you solutions for your mission-critical broadcasting media needs as they evolve. Additionally, we offer you seamless integration for additional capabilities right at our fingertips through solid relationships built over time with adjunct service providers. We’ve got you covered!

We Solve Issues With Our Eyes Closed

There’re many intricate details and logistics to explore and define, so planning and organization are half the battle and, luckily, are areas where we excel. Every mic, every wire, every service, every tower, every accessory you can imagine, and all the tech, including backups–we’re solving issues at every stage in the process, so you don’t have to. Clients think of us as a resource with a pulse on the industry and the right connections for comprehensive solutions, turning audio-visual productions into the magic of memorable events. Learn more about founder Steve Kownacki’s, impressive background and bio here.

Your Vision is Our Goal

Capturing your vision and producing flawless audio and video is our goal. Whether for viewers to consume your content LIVE, online or as a recorded video asset, we strive to deliver professional and reliable work. Acting as a key collaborator and partner throughout the project allows the production process to be easy, approachable, and fun while creating a valuable media asset for your business. Fast turnaround ensures project deliverables are ready in a matter of days and not weeks or months. We’ve got your back!

Beyond the Obvious for Your Production Needs

These recorded materials offer an ideal opportunity to repurpose your content to reach new audiences. Or use them as a repeatable training or subject-matter seminar, or package recordings as a sellable product. Maybe you need intros, outros, transitions, promotional or marketing pieces, educational, training, or sales pieces to work within or around your event video production. Once again, we’ve got this for you! Relax, these are typical of the services we offer.

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We Don’t Mind Hanging in the Background Taking Care of Things for You…

Final Focus Productions, Director Chair with the copy, We Don't Mind Hanging in the Background Taking Care of Things for You

However, creating a great experience for every “butt in the seat” starts well before the date of the event and applies whether your audience is in-person or virtual, or both. Seamless execution for your flawlessly produced VIP conference, seminar, or whatever, is a given, but the logistics start much sooner via our unique service offerings:

  • Event/Production Planning & Design
  • Creative Strategy & Direction
  • Theme, Set, Lighting & Specialty Equipment
  • Audio-Video/Technology Plan, Complete
  • Pre-Test/Pre-Set & Backup Capabilities
  • Organizational Timeline & Run-of-Show
  • Pre-Production Services/Promo Reels
  • Audio/Video Editing & Post-Processing

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Puts the Spotlight On YOU!

Final Focus Productions:

Puts the Spotlight on YOU by providing expertly planned, executed, and perfectly orchestrated video and audio events, including LIVE or digital broadcasting and production services, so you can rest easy.

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Our talented and unstoppable team is ready to Focus on You, bringing 30 years of successful event logistical AV and tech support services savvy with us. Give us a call.

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