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Final Focus Productions Launches New Website

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Welcome to the New Final Focus Video Website

Things are getting hectic and fun with reopenings of everything and with many LIVE events getting back on track. We’ll see how long that lasts, but so far it’s good to see people and feel the excitement of doing in-person events.

The lifestyle changes over the past year or so are also leading a new and accelerated evolution into the digital video space, making standing out even more challenging. Of course, this is good news for the Final Focus Team as our services are more in demand than ever.

Anyway, that’s why getting this website project off the back burner and up and running feels like some good news. Thank you for checking it out and for helping to keep us going when our favorite feature services like in-person conferences, seminars, celebrations, kickoff events, training, and pretty much everything LIVE went dark.

We were able to help churches and businesses continue to reach out to people during this time and in some ways, there’s a good feeling to keep foundational relationships like those going.

But, like many of you, someone else (see below) was anxious to get the LIVE equipment out of the warehouse and on the go again!

Levi the Live Dog Mascot Ready to Get Out of the Warehouse
Levi is ready to get out of the warehouse and go LIVE!

Questions and Feedback

As always, I’m happy to answer your questions or help with any AV issues you run across so please reach out either through the site or via email, phone call, or connect with me on social media. Of course, I’m not available 24/7 and my schedule varies by shoots and event dates, but I’m always willing to help you out. Visit our Store Resources Page for further info on my favorite cameras, or if you’re interested in adding to your own AV arsenal. Again, reach out if you need a hand, or have a project we can help with.

For the blog, I hope to share more helpful info and insights with you, but with no intention to overwhelm you, but rather to keep you up-to-date and share helpful tips or tricks around the audio/video/event space.

The truth is, I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time. But if you know me or work with me, you know I have a passion and drive and love every minute of it, especially when I’m giving clients a caring partner in their productions, and a LOT of peace of mind. THIS is what makes me tick and what makes me happy to bring you a NEW and better website experience and way to interact with Final Focus Productions & Video.

I continue to look forward to serving you!

Keeping you in the lens,

Steve Kownacki

Final Focus Productions, Founder

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