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This page isn’t so much about offering our preferred line of products to you as a reseller, but more importantly, we want to help guide and assist you with recommendations to solve your video solutions needs. As an authorized partner reseller of PTZ Optics and Huddlecam products with a solution for nearly every application, we invite you to peruse the PTZ Optics website and check out their full product line. But please, let us know if we can help in any way to figure out the most suitable options for you.

PTZ Optics Webcam 80

$89.95 in Stock!
A great sub-$100 USB 2.0 webcam.
​On-screen display to adjust the camera settings.
Check it out on the PTZ Optics page.
NEW Control App available July 2020! 
For PC Users
For MAC Users

The PTZOptics Webcam 80 is an advanced USB 2.0 video solution designed for modern live streaming. This webcam is ideal for capturing high-definition video and streaming that content with your favorite video production software such as OBS, Wirecast, xSplit, vMix, and more. The PTZOptics Webcam also supports direct integrations with web-based streaming solutions such as Facebook Live, making it easier than ever to start live streaming.

1080P USB Webcam | 80° FOV | 1920×1080 | 30fps | Dual Microphones | USB 2.0 (Black)
* High Definition
* 3 Year Warranty
* Wide Angle Lens
* USB Powered
* Plug and Play
* Universal Compatibility


PTZ 12x, 20x, 30x NDI|HX

$1,999.00 / $2,099.00 / $2,199.00 in Stock!

These are NDI|HX cameras with simultaneous SDI and HDMI outputs, PoE, and can stream directly to RTMP/S and your favorite social sites.
Check it out on the PTZ Optics page.

These HD PTZ cameras feature SDI, HDMI, NDI, and multiple standard IP streaming formats. Equipped with the latest professional PTZ camera control technologies, remote camera operation has never been this easy. Once connected to an IP network, broadcasters can choose from professional 3G SDI connected workflows, Ethernet connected NDI workflows, and traditional HDMI workflows all simultaneously. With the ability to choose from optical zoom lenses up to 30X, video productions can now remotely capture a head and shoulders shot at up to 70′ (21 meters) away.

HuddlecamHD 4K USB 3.0

$299.00in Stock!
Check it out on the Huddlecam Page.

With an ultra-crisp 4K sensor, this webcam will take your video conferencing and live streaming projects to the next level. Want to pan, tilt and zoom with a webcam? No problem! Capture beautiful video in 4k and zoom in just like a broadcast PTZ camera with lossless digital zoom. Zoom in to and create digital ePTZ presets that you can recall with the click of a button, using the included IR remote. Also included in its sleek design is an array microphone, enabling a complete solution.

HuddleCamHD™ Pro IP 4K NDI

$499.00in Stock!
Check it out on the Huddlecam Page.

This 4K NDI webcam is ready to bring IP video to your next project. With EPTZ controls that work inside most NDI compatible applications, you can capture and control this camera from anywhere on your network. Use this webcam for video conferencing during your meetings, video recording for marketing, and live streaming for online engagement… A whole new world of affordable, turn-key connectivity is ready for you to explore.

HuddlePod Air2 Duo

Includes 2 speaker/mic units and USB3 transmitter/receiver
$599.00in Stock!
Check it out on the HuddlePod Air Duo page.

The HuddlePod Air2 Duo provides high-quality audio conferencing without cumbersome wires draping over your conference room floor. With 256 ms echo cancellation and full-duplex audio conferencing, your conference calls will sound crystal clear. The HuddlePod Air Duo is the ideal wireless USB 2.0 speakerphone system. With full-duplex Omni-directional microphones, the HuddlePod Air2 Duo takes advantage of a direct 2.4GHz wireless USB receiver which is much better than Bluetooth. Works on MAC and PC.

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